Review: Nicki Minaj’s Myx Fusions flavors in Coconut, Peach and Moscato

In honor of National Moscato Day I want to tell you about Myx Fusions! I don’t normally go for products endorsed or associated with Celebrities but Myx Fusions is an exception.

Nicki Minaj released a refreshing fruit infused moscato beverage with three flavors in Coconut, Peach and Moscato, of course! I have tried all three flavors when they were first release two weeks ago at my local food store. The drinks are sold in New York for $9.99 and are available in a 4pk each contain 5.5% alcohol (soon to be sold worldwide). Needless to say I have been coming back for more since then, click here to find a retailer near you. I love Prosecco (a light, dry, fruity sparkling wine) but when I want something sweeter I pick up some Moscato (a light, sweeter, sparkling wine), you’ll love moscato if you are Riesling or Sweet Red Wine fan. Myx came at the right time, just as the weather begins to warm up and when people tend to pick up chilled fizzing bubble drinks. The Moscato flavor is blended with natural fruit juices that gives it that delicate sweetness. This flavor is very versatile, subtle enough to pair it with pasta, seafood dish or ending the night along with dessert. The Peach and Coconut flavor is what a summer fruity fizzing bubble drink should be! The Peach brings out the peachy aromas normally found in moscato but with a pop of flavor that’s fun and satisfying. The coconut is not something I thought would mix well but it works in so many ways. The coconut is not overpowering and accommodate the hints of apricot, vanilla and honey. As I was enjoying these flavors on many occasions it didn’t leave me wanting dessert afterwards, that’s saying a lot since I have the biggest sweet tooth. When I was in the mood for dessert it did pair perfectly with cookies or cheesecake. I hope Myx Fusions makes a larger version of the bottle because I can see it being used to make great mixed drinks, spritzers or tropical fruit sangrias. Bring on these delicious drinks, cheers!