Review of Babies R Us Stage 1 Purely Simple Organic Baby Food

Hey Everyone, Happy Friday! Today’s post is the second of my Series “Foodie Fridays”. (Check out the 1st post) Every Friday I’m going to feature food related posts and it may be a review, introduction or more. Just another thing to look forward to other than it being FRIDAY!

This month my son turned six months and it was time to give him his first baby foods. With my first daughter I made my own baby food from scratch but this may not be the case for my son (so busy). I do however manage to make avocado mixed with water in the food processor which is by far his favorite right now.

I first gave my son a tiny bit of applesauce but I figured let me try vegetables first. My usual go to baby food brand is Earth’s Best but while looking online I decided to try Babies R Us brand baby foods because it also happens to be organic. I picked up

I am so happy I did because I felt like the consistency was the same as earth’s best stage 1 foods. These two brands really shouldn’t differ all that much since stage 1 food is basically just one ingredient mixed with water. The bonus is that it’s cheaper while being organic. I’m a fan of these flavors. They are good picks because both have a creamy taste that babies can really enjoy. My son couldn’t get enough of it.

The verdict: Get this stage 1 food from Babies R Us especially if your short on time and can’t make your own baby food. Stock up because when I look to buy more they may be out of stock.

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